Strech Ceiling

Stretch ceiling – step by step installation of a stretch ceiling.

Stretch ceiling is an original idea to diversify the interior. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so we can adapt it to your own taste. Interestingly, we can try to assemble a stretch ceiling, which only consumes a few hours. We present how to install it step by step.

What is a stretch ceiling?

The ceiling is stretched with nothing but a plane of flexible material which, by appropriate heating and stretching, stretches on a special construction. Thanks to this, the installation of the stretch ceiling does not cause any difficulties and depending on the room may last from a few to several hours. That is definitely shorter than in the case of a traditional suspended ceiling, based on g-k boards. The ceiling is made of a material resistant to fire and water, which can be easily cleaned. Although it is rare in residential interiors, it will be an element of arrangement that will attract the attention of every guest.

How much does the ceiling cost?

One square meter of the stretch ceiling is an expense of £20. The total cost depends on the selected color of the ceiling as well as the type of fabric. The lowest price is given a matte version with a white color.

Installation of the stepped ceiling step by step.

Each element of the stretch ceiling is made to order, based on measurements of a given room. What is necessary for this is not only to measure the walls, but also the diagonals of the interior. This is very important because in most cases the walls are non-parallel. Such data is then placed in a computer program that reflects the projection of the room. The materials from which the ceiling will be created are suitably cut and bound with rubber hooks, which are called harpoons. We will be forced to wait for a finished product even a few weeks after placing the order.

Installation of the ceiling requires proper efficiency, because we can easily damage the material during tensioning. This does not mean, however, that we can not install it ourselves. On the contrary. It is necessary to fasten the aluminum strips on the walls around the perimeter of the interior. They will act as a frame under the ceiling. Before we start to stretch the ceiling, it is important to hang it on the brackets attached to the corners of the interior. The place of suspension is directly marked by the manufacturer, because the ceiling is folded in the way it should be stretched.

Installation of the stretch ceiling – continuation of work.

The next step is fixing the ceiling in a diagonal corner. Then it is necessary to hook the buckle in the corner and again on its diagonal. Then, when the entire ceiling will be based on clamps, we will heat the rooms using a gas heater. Higher temperature causes the material from which the ceiling is made, it will increase its volume. Thanks to this, it will be easy for it to be inserted into aluminum wall strips. In order to avoid damage to the material, we can use a suitably profiled tool for attaching.

After ceiling tension, it is important to fill the space between the wall and the ceiling with plastic masking strips. They prevent dust and insects from entering the gap between the ceiling and the ceiling. We do not paint a stretched ceiling. Care is about vacuuming it, we can also tempt you to wash it gently. Thanks to the possibility of repeated disassembly of the material, it is possible to service the installation in a room with a closed ceiling. In the event of failure resulting from the adverse effects of water, we can unplug part of the material, dry it and then tension it.

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