Schlüter Systems - SHOWERPROFILE

Schlüter Systems - SHOWERPROFILE-S is a two part profile with a tapered edge, designed to cover adjoining tile edges that become exposed as the shower floor slopes to accommodate drainage to the Schlüter Systems - KERDI-LINE. The tapered profile features a visible surface of brushed stainless steel and a fleece fabric on the reverse for bonding with the tile adhesive. It is designed to be inserted into the U shaped groove of the matching hard PVC support profile. The profile can be used for lateral transitions to the wall or the adjoining floor.

The PVC support profile is available in 6 different thicknesses from 3 mm to 22 mm to match the thickness of the tiles installed in the floor of the shower. The sloped profiles are available in lengths of 120 and 200 cm, with a height (H1) of 6 or 10 mm at the low side. They feature a slope of 2% (the equivalent of 2 mm for every 10 cm of length). The profile is simply cut to size at the low and/or high side to obtain the required profile height and length.

In addition, the height can be further adjusted by inserting the profile into the U shaped support section to various depths.

Schlüter Systems - SHOWERPROFILE-R is a two part wall transition profile made of brushed stainless steel for covering the exposed wall area where the floor slopes down to a perimeter linear drain. A fleece fabric is laminated on the reverse of the profile for bonding with the tile adhesive. The two part design of Schlüter Systems - SHOWERPROFILE-R can be seamlessly adjusted to any height between 23 mm and 45 mm (available in two versions). The profile is available in lengths of 100 cm and 140 cm and can be cut to the desired length.

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