Schlüter Systems - Profiles

The tile trim profiles of the series Schlüter Systems - JOLLY, Schlüter®-RONDEC, and Schlüter Systems - QUADEC create a highly durable and decorative finishing for wall coverings and skirtings made of tile and natural stone. Thanks to the numerous material and colour options in the range, there are no limits to creativity with these tile trim profiles. Using the range of tile trim profiles in conjunction with the decorative Schlüter Systems -DESIGNLINE and Schlüter Systems -QUADEC-FS border profiles, Schlüter-Systems offers the option of creating designer accents within tiled installations.

The tile trim profile ranges of RONDEC and QUADEC are available with corresponding tile trim corner pieces, creating seamless joints and attractive finishes for all internal and external corners. All of  our range of tile trim profiles are available in a wide variety of heights, finishes, and materials.

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