Rain Shower Installation In The Bathroom.

The shower head, which is also called a shower head, is one of the types of shower faucets. It is permanently mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. The shower head from a traditional shower head differs in size and type of spray. Thanks to the dispersion of the water stream, it provides a gentle, pleasant bath under small streams of water imitating rain. Adjusting the stream also allows us to adjust its intensity to our preferences. If you want to learn how to do rain shower installation, please read the article! 

The shower head is a solution that looks best in large, modern bathrooms with shower niches or behind glass walls. However, it can also be used in an ordinary shower cubicle, as well as above the bathtub. In the case of a bathtub, we must remember to install a bath screen to avoid splashing the bathroom.

Rain shower alone or maybe a rain shower panel?

 Deciding to install a rain shower in the bathroom, we have the following options:

  • ceiling rain shower installed on a special handle
  • overhead shower mounted on a wall bracket or a shower panel
  • wall mounted rain shower

Alone rain shower installation is not a practical solution, as it is not possible to take a quick shower without having to wet your hair. This is a big minus of this solution, especially for women.

Much more functional is the purchase of a rain shower together with a shower faucet as a complete set. The shower head is connected to the battery with a rigid pipe, which also serves as a support for it.

It can also be mounted on a decorative shower panel together with a faucet and hydromassage jets. Another option is to install a rain shower for the old battery in place of the shower head. 

Flush mounting or flush mounting?

The shower head can be installed surface-mounted or flush-mounted. Surface-mounted installation is definitely less labor-intensive, it does not require radical changes in the bathroom. In this case, the size of the device should be properly selected for the size of the room, shower cubicle or bathtub.

In a situation where we have a small space, we should choose a head with a diameter of up to 20 cm. Holders of a larger cabin can afford a large diameter rain shower – up to 60 cm.

In addition, we can choose from various shapes – square, round, rectangular. The shower head is mounted on special arms, whose shape depends on the requirements of the room.

The concealed installation of a rain shower requires much larger changes in the bathroom. However, this is a solution that will save a lot of space in the bathroom, as well as gain a modern and aesthetic appearance of the bathroom.

In the case of the concealed shower head, the only visible element is the shower head and the holder, which is attached to the wall or ceiling. When choosing this type of rain shower, we must buy a concealed faucet with a water jet switch. 

To have a guarantee that our shower will work well, we should decide to buy a rain shower and a concealed mixer from one manufacturer.

At what height should you install a rain shower?

The shower head should be mounted at such a height that it enables us to comfortably use this device. It is recommended to place the head about 20-25 cm above the head of the highest member of the household.

For a wall mounted rain shower, a height of about 210-220 cm is assumed. If we decide to place the rain shower in the ceiling, we must remember to place it in the center of the shower cubicle.  

 Sprinkler functions.

Most models of rain showers available on the market are equipped with water flow regulation. Depending on our preferences, we have a delicate spraying body spray or a wide, stronger stream to choose from.

Greater adjustment possibilities can be found in models with the concealed installation. In addition, some rain showers have a system that prevents limescale deposits, thanks to which its removal will be much easier.

Thanks to equipping the rain shower with a thermostat, we can precisely regulate the water temperature, maintaining it at a constant level.

To increase the pleasure of bathing, selected models can also be equipped with water backlight programs, the color of which changes depending on its temperature. The color of the light emitted by the LEDs varies depending on the water temperature from blue with cold water, through green/purple (depending on the model) with summer water, up to red with hot water.

LED shower heads usually do not require an additional power supply, the current necessary to power the turbine and LED lighting is generated by water pressure, which allows you to reduce the costs associated with the need to forge walls to supply power cables, as with other rain shower models.  

How much does the rain shower cost?

 A wide range of rain showers is available on the market. Depending on the wealth of our portfolio and our expectations, we can choose from models whose prices range from around £50 to even over £5000.

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