Kitchen Extension – Design It Yourself!

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Kitchen Extension – House plans.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and the room in which we spend quite a lot of time preparing meals. It should be ergonomic and adapted to our needs. If we like cooking, the bigger the kitchen and the better equipped, the better we will feel in it. If our kitchen is too small, kitchen extension will be needed.

However, sometimes kitchens are tiny, and this often applies to flats in blocks of flats or, for example, bought houses that we could not design ourselves (of course with the help of an architect). The kitchen may be too small or too narrow – what to do about it?

When planning to expand or completely enlarge a kitchen, we must first have original plans for the whole house. We will need them if we plan drastic changes, i.e. moving the wall, thanks to which we will expand the entire kitchen.   

Of course, we need to know which bearing, partition walls, etc. This also applies to knowledge of all rooms bordering the kitchen. If the kitchen is right next to the garden, then maybe we will try to enlarge the building completely and thus extend the kitchen?

Kitchen Extension – Project.

Start with the project! Since you already know the plans of the house and nothing is strange to you – you know every millimeter of surface – it’s now time to reach for paper and pencil. On the paper, draw as many possibilities as you can think of – the more, the better.

Then consult the other household members to adapt the kitchen to you and your family’s needs. After all, the kitchen is a room that everyone uses and should be as functional as possible, and ergonomic. It is important that it meets the needs of all users – if we often cook at home, and in addition we have a large family, it should be spacious and properly equipped.

Millimeters count!

Measure your kitchen to the nearest millimeter. If you know what furniture you want in the kitchen or plan to use the one you have, but add a few cabinets, then look at them well and carefully check all dimensions.

Don’t forget to leave space for a fridge, dishwasher, washing machine etc. You can draw a layout of the furniture on a piece of paper, then you will know if all cabinets will fit and whether it is better to invest in one corner cabinet instead of the two front ones. Remember about the possibility of using the space on the wall!

Maybe open area?

Consider the possibility of creating an open space that combines the kitchen and the living room, and if space is enough – also the dining room. Since you are expanding the kitchen, it may be worth creating one common daytime zone in which all household members will stay.

You might as well create the illusion of an open space by combining the kitchen with the garden, but in fact between them will be a large-format window and a door leading to the garden.  

Think over the walls.

Do not be afraid of changing the layout of the walls (of course, taking into account all aspects of security and information resulting from the building plan). Some of the walls cannot be moved, but the layout of the others can be changed, and as a result, a larger kitchen is obtained, which we strive for.    

Remember that some walls connect the kitchen with other rooms.

Ask an expert.

Everything described above should not be done without consulting an expert who will be able to create a 3D model of our kitchen. Thanks to this, we’ll see what the kitchen and the rest of the house will look like after changes. Then there will be time to think about the changes you want to make – at a later stage of refurbishment there will probably be no chance, so it’s better to think twice! In addition, you’ll be able to choose exactly the colors, materials and designs you want them to be used.