Wet Room & Bathroom Corners Waterproofing

Schlüter-KERDI is a crack bridging waterproof membrane made of soft polyethylene, which has been covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in suitable tile adhesive.

Schlüter-KERDI features imprinted gridlines on one side for easier cutting. In addition to indicating how much material is left, the imprint also shows the minimum overlap width of 5 cm for working with multiple membrane sheets.

Schlüter-KERDI was developed as a bonded waterproofing assembly with ceramic tile and natural stone coverings and is therefore suitable for applications in accordance with the German standards DIN 18531*, DIN 18534, and DIN 18535*. Water exposure classes according to DIN 18534: W0-I to W3-I* and suitable for tanking in accordance with British Standard BS 5385. Furthermore, Schlüter-KERDI features the national technical approval (abP) required in Germany.

Moisture load class according to ZDB: 0 to B0 and A, B and C. Schlüter-KERDI features European Technical Approval (ETA) pursuant to ETAG 022 (watertight covering kits) and bears a CE mark. * With abP and/or in compliance with ETA according to ETAG 022. Please contact our technical department for further information regarding use and installation.

The waterproofing membrane should be bonded to an even, load bearing substrate with an appropriate tile adhesive. The tiles are laid directly on Schlüter-KERDI using the thin-bed method. Other trowel applied covering materials or suitable plaster may also be used. Schlüter-KERDI-DS is a waterproofing membrane and vapour barrier bonded to a tile covering, e.g. for use in swimming pools and spa areas, as well as for commercial applications with high humidity levels. Vapour barriers are suggested for moisture sensitive substrates such as wood, plasterboard and gypsum plaster.

Accessories for Schlüter-KERDI include internal and external corners, as well as pipe collars. To seal butt joints or corner joints, Schlüter-KERDI-KEBA, in widths of 8.5, 12.5, 15, 18.5 and 25 cm is available. Schlüter-KERDI-FLEX, in widths of 12.5 cm or 25 cm, is used to seal over expansion joints or flexible edge joints.