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Fire Doors

Fire doors. Thanks to their design, fire doors do not easily give in to flames and are more sealed than others. During a fire, they stop the spread of fire and smoke, which gives the householders more time to evacuate. And most importantly, fire doors can be very aesthetic. Fire doors for the garage and boiler room. Fire-resistant doors should also be installed in single-family houses, especially as a boiler-room door or between a vestibule and a garage. In the event of a fire, these rooms will be separated from the rest of the house. This is important both when the fire breaks out in the garage or in the boiler room, as well as outside it. In the first case, fire doors will provide the householders with more time to evacuate, in the second fire they will be separated from the combustible materials stored there (fuel in the boiler room, chemicals and car fuel in the garage). If in any of the other rooms are stored flammable substances or valuable items (for example a collection of books or paintings), it is also advisable to install fire doors. It is pointless to buy fire doors with the intention of mounting them in a wall that has less resistance to fire than one (some wooden frame walls). During a fire, such a wall will be destroyed faster than doors. Fire doors are quite expensive – they cost from £100 to even £3,000. Therefore, they are rarely assembled in single-family homes, although this would be justified by security reasons. Fire resistance and the class of fire doors. Fire doors are classified depending on how long they last with the flame and remain tight. This classification is determined by PNB 02851-1: 97. However, compliance of the door with the standard and the appropriate class is confirmed by the certificate issued by the ITB. For single-family houses, EI 30 class fire doors that can withstand fire for 30 minutes are sufficient. EI 45, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120 class doors are also produced. In addition to the EI designation, the C or S designation may be included in the categorization. Class C is a self-closing door and the S class indicates how long the door will remain smoke-tight (for example S 30 – 30 minutes). Information on the class of the door is on the type plate attached to the back, next to the hinges. Fire doors with anti-burglar properties. Moving from the garage to your home is one of the favorite burglars. This way they often get to other rooms. The anti-burglary door can make it difficult for them to act. Not everyone knows that there are fire doors at the same time having anti-burglary properties confirmed by class C. They will stop not only the spread of fire, but also thieves. Fire doors in accordance with the law. Fire doors must be installed between the garage and the building. However, this does not apply to single-family houses, neither free-standing nor terraced houses – the investor makes the decision himself to choose the door (ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of April 12, 2002 regarding the conditions to be met by buildings and their location Journal of Laws 02.75 .690, section IV, chapter 6, paragraph 280).

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