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Complete Bathroom Refurbishment includes Waterproofing

In this particular example, I stripped the entire bathroom: the shower cubicle, toilet, basin, wall and floor tiles all came down.

Once everything had landed in the skip, a fresh challenge: the old fashioned wooden/cement render had crumbled.

Once the old render had been shown the door, the wooden frame shyly showed its visage, and I started to marry it up with hi-tech insulating  Schlüter-Kerdi-Board.

Schlüter  uses new technology with a special focus on the practical requirements of construction sites. It offers many new options for installation and design.

More about Schlüter-Kerdi-Board

No matter whether you work with mosaics or large format tiles, it’s essential you have an absolutely level substrate with straight and precisely angled corners both inside and outside : this is the basis for a perfect tile covering.

Once the walls were boarded up, it was time for Schlüter-Ditra, a polyethylene membrane with a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration, with an anchoring fleece laminated to its underside.

More about Schlüter®- DITRA

The party can really start when Ditra, Kerdi, Kerreck, Keba are on the floor: the ARDEX DJ can start mixing!

ARDEX X 7 was first launched to the trade in the 1960s and, to this day, remains at the forefront of the professional tiling industry.

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Fifteen working days; and the final result you can see on the video.


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