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Bathtub Assembly

Bathtub assembly in the bathroom. How to mount a bathtub yourself? Installing a bath tub is not as difficult as it may seem, especially if you have instructions. In this article we show how to install a bathtub in the bathroom by yourself. For those who value relaxation in the bathtub, this piece of bathroom equipment can not be missing in it! You can hire a professional to install the bathtub in the bathroom, but we can also handle this task yourself. The more so that most manufacturers sell bathtubs with the exact assembly instructions and the necessary elements for this. Installation of the corner and straight tub – preparation

• We start by screwing the feet to the bottom of the bathtub in places provided by the manufacturer (the bottom is specially reinforced there). the bathtub is equipped with a ready casing, we need to screw the latches into it, in which later the housing panel will be pressed in.

• Place the bathtub in the space provided for it and mark the height of the casing on the wall. The bottom edge of the bath tub edge should be located here

• The length of legs can be adjusted by screwing in or unscrewing their plastic feet. Using the second level, check if the bathtub is horizontal.

• After adjusting the length of the legs and checking that the housing fits, we set about fixing the hooks that prevent the bathtub from moving away from the walls. We draw on the walls lines defining the level of the upper edge of the bathtub enclosure

• Apply a hook to the line and mark the places where you need to drill the holes for fixing pins. Two handles located near the corners of the bathtub will suffice for each side of the tub.

• That the drill does not slip on the tiles, firstly we make a slight hollowing in them with a punch. When drilling a hole in the plate, do not use a stroke. Only after drilling it, you can turn it on to make it easier to drill in a concrete wall • Insert holes into the holes with screws and fasten the handles

• To the hole in the bottom of the bathtub attach the set of automatic plug with overflow. The cork body is placed under the drain hole

• From the top place the strainer and screw it with the cork body. Tighten it with a large flat screwdriver. Put the overflow to the upper hole in the bathtub, paying attention to the correct positioning of the gasket • On the other hand, put the cap on and screw it in with a sense that it will not break. Insert the control knob with the plug into the hole of the nut

• Insert the plug into the drain. By turning the knob, we check whether the cork is rising, and when it falls, closes the drain. If necessary, adjust the length of the screw that supports the plug. Assembly of the acrylic bathtub – connection to the hydraulic system

• Set the bathtub, hooks its edges to the handles on the walls

• Fold together elements of the drain set and check what length of the drain pipe will be needed, taking into account that it must be inserted into the cup to a depth of 4-5 cm.

• Cut the drainage pipe using a hand-held saw with a metal cutting blade. After cutting, it is necessary to remove the burrs from the edge of the pipe with a knife and smooth it with sandpaper

• Place the drain pipe in the gutter of the sewage in the wall. When connecting sewage pipes, it is worth lubricating the gaskets with a lubricant, eg dishwashing liquid.

• Insert the drainage pipe into the drain pipe and connect the other end to the bath plug body by tightening the nut. We pour the water into the tub and check the tightness of all connections, including the overflow • Leave the bathtub filled with water and then install the casing (it is fastened with snaps)

• The place where the bathtub contacts the walls is sealed with sanitary silicone. An equal strip of silicone is obtained by gluing the masking tape to the tub and to the wall. After applying and smoothing the silicone, we take the tape off with your finger.