Bathroom Renovation




Professional Bathroom Fitters

What do we offer:

  1. Identifing the needs of Your Bathroom Renovation Project
  2. Planning, designing & measuring
  3. Ordering & delivering all necessary materials
  4. Finishing Bathroom Installation on all aspects of work
  5. Personalising decoratives
  6. Providing warranty & regular service's

Bathroom Installation

What work does involved:

  1. Plumbing, electrical & heating
  2. Waterproofing (Schlüter-Systems)
  3. Tiling & grouting
  4. Fitting all accessories
  5. Decorating

We decide about the style in which we arrange the bathroom renovation, depending on the style of the house and the size of the room. The bathroom is one of the most important places at home, it is to serve not only to carry out hygienic and related treatments, but also must put in a good mood and promote relaxation, it should meet the needs of all household members. In case of a small bathroom it is better to arrange it in a modern way, minimizing the amount of equipment and small items, if the bathroom is spacious, you can easily afford a large bathtub, for example. It is not necessary to lay tiles on entire walls, they can also be combined with wood or paint, which also gives a very interesting visual effect. Among the ceramic tiles we can choose: glaze (only for walls), terracotta and porcelain stoneware (for lining floors) and glazed clinker (it can be laid on walls and floors). General lighting of the bathroom should be strong and dispersed, the installation of halogen lighting recessed into the ceiling visually enlarges the bathroom. The efficiency of lighting is significantly increased by the use of mirrors. Additives such as hangers and handles should be matched to the color of the battery, not the glaze. They are meant to perform not only practical functions but also decorative ones.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathrooms are exposed to significant levels of moisture. Splash water in the vicinity of showers and bath tubs and all water sources create water vapor that condenses on the walls and floor.  Even minor mishaps such as an overflowing tub can release major amounts of moisture. Frequently the bathroom also contains a washing machine that may leak.

The challenge is to prevent moisture damage in the substrate.

Modern designs also favor floor-level showers, in which the shower water is not collected by a tray, but flows to a drainage point directly from the floor covering.

With Galus GBS Bathroom Fitters & Schlüter Systems Waterproofing You will avoid falling/crackes tiles and water on the bellow ceiling.

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