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Bathroom Renovation – Steep by Steep Guide

Bathroom renovation: how much it costs and how to plan it. Approximate cost of renovation. Before we start renovation, we need to re-think the wall decoration, tile types, sink, battery, lighting and solve the age-old dilemma: cabin or shower? Every change in the bathroom design requires a thorough rethink. A bathroom is an interior that must be practical but beautiful. Regardless of whether you have been decorating the bathroom from the beginning, or changing the decor – focus on comfort and functionality. Renovation of the bathroom should be thought out, so that the new interior is adapted to our needs. If the renovation will be made of good materials, a nice interior will serve us for years. What tiles should I choose to renovate the bathroom? Bathroom renovation usually starts with the selection of bathroom tiles. Reliable tiles are those that have low absorbability, the parameter is given in percent. The smaller the number, the less water absorption. Acrylic or latex paints are specially manufactured for the bathroom, which have increased resistance to moisture. We choose the right washbasin during the renovation of the bathroom. Choosing white ceramics: bathtub, wash basin or bidet, it is worth investing in models with coating that facilitates cleaning. The washbasin can be integrated into the worktop. Elegant and practical is when the worktop is made of resistant material. Otherwise, ceramics may get yellow, cracks appear. The washbasin can also be recessed into the worktop, then only the edge of the basin protrudes from the surface of the sink. When it is installed, it is important to secure the places where the washbasin is connected to the top, so that water does not absorb. The worktop is very impressive, but if it is badly fixed, it can cause problems, for example, make it difficult to maintain cleanliness at the place where the sink meets the worktop.How do you choose the battery when renovating the bathroom? Let’s put on a shiny finish, it will be easier to remove water stains. The bathroom faucet can also be an ally in the fight for smaller water bills. Precise battery is the one whose tap with a perlator causes that the water mixes with the air and gives a stronger stream. If you are looking for a convenient battery, choose single lever, it will allow you to quickly set the temperature and water jet. If we are looking for a bath tub, we have to choose between a bath and wall-mounted mixer. Remember that wall-mounted batteries need to be fixed 10-18 cm above the bathtub. Lighting for bathroom renovation. Electricity in the bathroom requires single-phase power supply. The most popular solution for bathroom lighting is the central ceiling lamp and the wall lamp suspended above the mirror. It is worth remembering that halogen bulbs heat up and better to assemble them 50 cm from illuminated objects, such as cosmetics. The alternative is LED lighting – it does not heat up, it is not sensitive to energy losses and it consumes very little. We change the shower during the bathroom renovation. If you choose a complete bathroom, the paddling pool and the cabin must form a coherent whole. It’s best to buy items from the same company that fit together perfectly. We must make decisions about the shower without a shower tray before the renovation works and tell the contractors about it immediately. In the bathroom you have to leave a sufficient amount for all floor layers and a drop.Remont bathroom – cost estimate • water and sewage approaches for sanitary equipment (washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, washing machines, toilet bowls, bidets) • installation of the frame • installation • battery installation post-mortar or wall-mounted shower panel • assembly of a washbasin, bidet • assembly of a traditional toilet • bath or shower tray installation • cabin installation • electrical installation • hole in the wall for each box • approach to the heater • glaze cutting • laying glaze • painting • transfer sockets • laying tropical parquet floor • bathroom design • design of bathroom furniture Bet on similarities. If you only want to improve the beauty of the interior, choose the equipment mounted in the same way as before, similar in shape, dimensions. Thanks to this, you will avoid installation modifications. Remember that similar, does not mean the same. Choose modern solutions – water-saving batteries, a soundproofing bath, a toilet bowl without an inner rim, under which bacteria accumulate. With tiles you do not have to lay walls under the ceiling. Just above the sink, around the tub, shower. Otherwise, waterproof paint works well. Open yourself for new things. For refurbishing or replacing plumbing, heating or electrical installations, hire a professional who can be found here. Set the optimal height of the outlet of the pipes for a concealed mixer (100-120 cm), he will remember about 2%. drop of pipes towards the outflow, maximum distance of equipment from the plumbing section. Before renovation, consult plans with an architect or interior designer. This will avoid mistakes

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